weddings / frequently asked questions

When you think of hiring a photographer for your wedding, countless doubts before making the final decision arise. Here we will try to answer the most common questions asked, but if you still have something left to clarify, don´t fear the Wolf («LOBO»), and come in to his lair:

Where do you work?

Usually our working area is Madrid and surrounding areas. However, since the wolf is an animal of vast territories, we never hesitate to leave trace at any other point of the spanish geography or the rest of the world.

In this case, we add extra expenses on travel and accommodation, which will vary in each situation.

How much are your services?

You can request our rates and promotions through our contact form in:

our contact page or by writing indicating the date and place of your wedding.


Which is your timetable on the wedding day?

The Wolf knows no schedules, meaning we operate according to event needs. Generally we start in the morning with the preparations of the bride & groom, where the intimacy of the moment carries very emotive photographs. After spending the day with you, we leave when the private party beggins.

If only you wanted to hire part of the event, contact us and we will make you an offer based on your needs.

I don´t like posing for the camera …

We are used to work with couples who are not professional models, so we try to create an atmosphere of empathy and trust that will make you feel confortable so that spontaneous gestures and expressions flow in a natural way. It’s all about breaking the ice and enjoying, we will do the rest!

Do we have to put you covered at the banquet?

We believe that every worker deserves at least a snack to keep enough energy, specially if it is to cover a full day of intense emotions. Of course it is not necessary to serve us a full plate of the banquet, but it is advisable that we’re in the same room, so that we don´t lose detail of everything that might happen during lunch or dinner.


Which are the deadlines to deliver your work?

Approximately 8 to 10 weeks after the wedding.

However, in order to avoid impatience, within the first 21 days we will provide a preview of some of the best moments in a private online gallery, so that you can also share with friends and family.

The album, in case of requesting it, depends not only on our work, but also on the printing process.

How many photos do you hand in?

The number of shots depends on the length and on whatever happens on the day of the wedding. If it´s a full day report at least 500 photographs are delivered.

However, it seems to us more important the quality than the quantity. But trust us, we are generous and we assure to be satisfied.

On which format do you deliver your work?

Our services include a pendrive with all the photos in high resolution digitally retouched. The images are ready to print and free of any watermark, so that you can make your own copies, albums, etc. In addition we provide a web file format so that you can upload easily to the virtual network.


Do you offer album?

We offer an optional printed digital album on high quality photo paper, 30 × 30 format, 60 pages, with covers and box in linen and with the names of the couple printed.

A simple and elegant layout, with photos previously chosen by the client.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by filling in the form on the contact tab of our website or by sending an email to telling us the details of your day. We will asnswer as soon as possible sending you a quotation on price and services.

As soon as there is a real interest on your part, we arrange a personal interview to know each other and talk in detail about your celebration (times, address, guests, surprises, etc).

We normally meet in a public place, like a café or similar, although each case is different and it´s just a matter of reaching an agreement with the couple.

For those who live far from Madrid we offer the option of maintaining a first interview via skype.


How is the hiring procedure?

Once you have become determined to hire Lobolópezz as your wedding photographers, we will sign a contract where the terms agreed by both parties are detailed and then, a down payment of the amount of 300€.

The rest of the payment will be paid upon delivery of work.

How far in advance should we hire you for our wedding?

The sooner the better, since we perform a limited number of weddings per year and a maximum of 1 wedding per weekend, in order to ensure the highest quality in the final product, we encourage you to book your date as soon as you are certain about us.

We remind you that in high season (May to September) bookings are made well in advance to ensure availability of dates.

Do you do video?

Lobolópezz doesn´t film at weddings, but we can recommend several professionals who you can rely on your wedding. However, we must clear up that all the responsibility on the issue of video falls on these professionals, who we surely trust and believe you will be charmed with. Our responsibility are the photographs.